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"Wine is a passport to the World"

                                                                                                               Thom Elkjer

The Concept

We propose an experience to be lived and carried out. It is an immersion within a pinch of ancient Italy of traditional wineries: the tasting of quality wines and the availability of typical Italian cuisine products provide the opportunity to take a fragment of that good time and share it.

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We offer three different membership levels, which all grant you exclusive access to our wine selection, monthly surprise gifts, discounts on purchases, invitations to special events, and more! Ambrogio15 Enoteca Club offers a unique opportunity to experience and enjoy various benefits.

Best Selling Products

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Savor the delicacies of Alba's renowned truffles with Tartuflanghe's award-winning line of products:

Truffle-Infused Olive Oil:

Elevate your dishes with the rich and earthy flavors of black or white truffles

Truffle Pasta:

Indulge in the decadence of truffle with our pasta selection

Truffle Sauces:

Create gourmet meals effortlessly with our range of truffle-infused sauces

Why Tartuflanghe?

“Tartuflanghe is rooted in this extraordinary land, where spontaneity and technique have reached perfection in the cultivation of Truffle”

If you say Truffle, you think of Alba, it's natural

The Alba White Truffle is the most prized in the world for intensity, richness and complexity of aromas: over 120 aromatic molecules that blend in perfect balance and, depending on which trees they grow under, reveal varying hints of bush and artichokes, garlic, and hay, very delicate notes of honey and hazelnut, but also moist earth and spices.

Customers Reviews

“My husband and I have done both private, scheduled and impromptu visits for a glass of wine at the Enoteca. We liked it (and the amazing charcuterie board) so much I decided to hold a private, surprise, birthday party, with about 25 people, here for my husband. Fabio and Jacques were absolutely incredible to work with and their service the night of the party was impeccable. The food and wine were fantastic and we all had the most wonderful time. It was an absolutely top notch experience. They were reasonably priced and it was certainly much easier than having a party catered at home.”
Amy Aiello

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“What a warm welcoming addition to the village! Amazing small vineyard Italian wines. The food offerings are incredible: honey from Trento (mugo pine, forest honeydew, alpine meadow...) Essenze Balsamic without vinegar, Carpegna prosciutto, etc. The cheeses are unique and very special. Homemade pasta and sauces too. This is a great stop for an afternoon/evening aperitivo and an opportunity to explore unique Italian wines imported directly from Italy. The prices are reasonable too. The ambiance is so friendly we found ourselves sharing stories with fellow patrons...all of us are amazed at how lucky we are to have this new business in our neighborhood. The offerings are so gorgeous that we did most of our holiday shopping here. We can't wait to bring friends here over the holidays.”
Karen Dyer

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