Taleggio Stella Alpina P.D.O


1/4 lb

Type: Soft Ripened

Milk: Cow


Description: This is Italy’s quintessential washed-rind cow’s milk cheese, tangy and fruity flavor. Taleggio Stella Alpina has been seasoned in the Valsassina area for 35 to 40 days. The short seasoning gives it a more delicate and fragrant flavor and an aroma rich in a thousand nuances. A well-formed pink rind with characteristic molds protects the billowy, mildly funky paste.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s milk, salt, rennet

Specifications: From Lombardy (Italy), washed rind not edible

Pairing: Sassella della Valtellina, Barbaresco, Taurasi

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