Villa Parens Gran Cret


750 bottle

Winery: Villa Parens

Sometimes the title speaks for itself… “Cret” in local dialect means indisputable, pure, indestructible.  A creative twist on a Classic Method sparkler that will inspire you.

Vineyard Designation: Cret, Commune of Dolegna del Collio

Vintage: 0

Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Appellation: Classic Method (Champenoise) Sparkling Wine

Wine Type: Sparkling

Varietal: 100% Ribolla Gialla

Alcohol %: 12,5


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Aging: Refined in stainless steel and then in bottle for 18 months on the lees.

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied, rich sparkling wine with a young and fresh scent. Full, elegant and harmonious flavor. Thick, almost creamy mousse. Abundant, continuous and persistent perlage with thin bubbles that rise slowly.

Vineyard Notes: Soil type: layers of marl and sandstone. The typical “ponca” of Friuli, rich in limestone and silica.

Production Notes: Vinified in white at a temperature of 18 °, malolactic fermentation not carried out. Refined in stainless steel and then in bottle for 18 months on the lees.

Winemaker Notes: A wise interpretation that we propose strongly believing in the peculiarities of the Ribolla Gialla grape for a new and original Blanc de Blanc made Extra Brut to expand the range of combinations. The name comes from the Friulian term “Cret”, which means irrefragable, indestructible, true, an outsider with a classic pleasure.

Food Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif and with appetizers, soups, fish and white meats. Particular attention is paid to the serving temperature, which is not too low, to capture all the nuances of this unique and extraordinary multi-million-dollar Classic Method.

Other Notes: The Classic Method is a sparkling wine production process. It consists in inducing the refermentation of wines in the bottle through the introduction of selected sugars and yeasts (liqueur de tirage). In this way the wine acquires the traditional pressure, visible in the form of bubbles, guaranteed by the carbon dioxide produced by the second fermentation (second fermentation), which took place in the bottle. The duration of the evolution on the lees, for a Classic Method, is equivalent to greater exclusivity and complexity of the sparkling wine. Compared to the other methods it achieves more elegance and refinement. Not to be compared or compared to Champagne, for territoriality and typicality, but to know that all the virtues of refermentation in the bottle are manifested in the maximum expression of technique and enology, to rediscover the territory in the bubbles, so as to no longer have doubts. We were the first, in 1978, to believe that our wine-growing area could not only inspire important white wines, but also inspire creativity for the original Classic Method.

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