Audarya Rosato – 2021


750 bottle

Winery: Audarya

This sassy rosato will tickle you pink… notes of citrus and tropical fruits allow you to imagine being swept away to a warm sunny beach where you can sip along side your favorite friend.

Vineyard Designation: Is Crabilis – Ussana – Serdiana

Vintage: 2021

Region: Sardegna

Appellation: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Wine Type: Rose

Varietal: 100% Cannonau

Alcohol %: 13


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Harvest Date: Hand-harvested in the first decade of September

Aging: Short aging on its fine lees for a natural stabilization of the wine and to obtain a better harmony of tastes.

Tasting Notes: This rose’ of Cannonau has a pink onion skin color and fresh aromas of small red fruit embellished by delicate spicy and smoky notes. The fresh and soft mouthfeel is pleasingly drinkable and juicy with an alcohol content well under control.

Vineyard Notes: Vineyard location: Audarya Estate Vigna “Audarya” in Serdiana and “Is Crabilis” in Ussana. Soil type: Clay-limestone . Altitude: 160-200 meters above sea level. Average age of the vines: 20 years. Training system: espaliered bushes. Density: 5000 plants per hectare. Yield: 60-70 quintals per hectare.

Production Notes: Very soft press and cold stabilization for 4-5 days. Fermentation in stainless steel vats at low temperature. It rests on its fine lees for a short time, for a natural stabilization of the wine and to obtain a better harmony of tastes.

Winemaker Notes: To be paired with beautiful people and beautiful moment, in beautiful places, while telling and listening tales. Goes with music, looks and promises, but also a table full of light first courses, fish, or white meat.

Food Pairing: This rosé is a great match with a wide variety of dishes…seafood carpaccio, spaghetti with clams, vegetable risotto or even a simple fruit plate. Pairs particularly well with lobster.

Other Notes: Audarya means “nobility of the soul”, in an ancient oriental language. It’s the name of our company because at the center of what we are there is respect. We make wines tied to the territory, with native grape varieties, but modern, for a spirited and curious public.



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