Cantina Giba Seipiù Rosso Carignano – 2014


750 bottle

Winery: Cantina Giba

From 110 year old vines come this wine of potent structure with powerful tertiary notes. A wine for meditation, pure pleasure, a very exclusive production… 98 bottles made.

Vineyard Designation: Giba, Pino, Calasetta

Vintage: 2014

Region: Sardegna

Appellation: Carignano del Sulcis Riserva DOC

Wine Type: Red

Varietal: 100% Carignano

Alcohol %: 15

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Harvest Date: Hand-harvested at the end of September

Aging: Aged in 750 and 225 liters oak barrels for at least 24 months followed by 18 months minimum in the bottle before release.

Tasting Notes: From the sandy soils of the Sulcis area, where centuries ago, Carignano found the place in which it thrives as nowhere else, here’s a wine of potent structure with beautiful tertiary notes coming from the refinement period in wood. Deep ruby red in color, with powerful aromas and flavors of mature red fruit and spices. A meditation wine which recalls the sun, the sea and the land from which it comes from.

Vineyard Notes: Vineyard location: Giba, Pino, Calase a. Soil type: sand and clay loam. Exposition: South – South West. Altitude: 0-50 meters above sea level. Average age of the vines: 60-110 years. Training system: typical Sardinian Bush. Density: 5.000/7.000 plants per ha and production of 15-20 quintals per ha.

Production Notes: Very limited production, only 98 bottles produced. Spontaneous / natural alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Aged in 750 and 225 liters oak barrels for at least 24 months followed by 18 months minimum in the bottle before release.

Winemaker Notes: Carignano is an ancient grape that has been native to this area for over 2,000 years. It is found in other areas of Italy and in France, but is a somewhat unsung hero- producing fantastic varietal wines for those who can tame the vigorous vine. Late budding and ripening, high yielding, and susceptible to powdery mildew and grapevine moths, Carignano seems tricky and unwieldy yet the vine flourishes in Sulcis’ particular climate. “We believe in Carignano!” he exclaims, “Unadulterated, and in its full varietal expression.”

Food Pairing: Pairs well with red meat, roasts, sausages, cured meats and seasoned or blue cheeses. Wonderful also as a meditation wine on its own.

Other Notes: The Giba winery was born with the idea of creating a product that holds a strong connection with its territory, making wine that represents the unique features of Sulcis, and all of its potential. The “Cantina Giba” brand, in short, aims to transfer its terroir into the quality of its wines, which is why a single variety vinification is used for both the Carignano and the Vermentino. The vines, located between Calasetta, Sant’Antioco, Masainas, Nuxis, Giba and Porto Pino, were chosen as those particularly suited to this kind of cultivation. Cantina Giba is one of very few European Vineyards using ungrafted vines. In the early 1900s phylloxera destroyed most of Europe’s vineyards. A tiny spider that eats the roots killing the vine was the culprit. 90% of vineyards were replanted with American vines.

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