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Wine Experience

With more than 200 labels, Ambrogio15 Enoteca proudly boasts the largest selection of Boutique Italian Wines in San Diego. We embrace high-quality, sustainability, and the beauty of small farming practices. 

Nestled in the heart of La Jolla, our enoteca merges sophistication with warmth, creating an ambiance that elevates every moment, proposing different possibilities of interaction, from Wine Tastings to Catering and Special Events:

Wine Tasting

Our sommelier-led wine tastings offer an insightful exploration of the diverse world of Italian wines. Engage your senses as our expert guide takes you through a curated selection of wines, unveiling the stories and nuances behind each bottle.

Private Wine Cellar Experience

Indulge in the luxury of our private wine cellar. Ideal for intimate gatherings and tailored tastings, our cellar offers an exclusive setting to delve deep into the art of Italian winemaking and appreciation. Immerse yourself in the world of flavors guided by our sommelier.

Private Events & Parties

Elevate your special occasions by reserving our entire space. Whether it’s a corporate event, celebration, or gathering of friends, our enoteca provides an elegant backdrop to create lasting memories.

Uncork & Enjoy

Select a bottle from our carefully curated collection, uncork it, and enjoy the space. Experience the essence of relaxation and camaraderie as you unwind in our inviting ambiance.

Catering Services

Let us bring our wines and culinary delights to your events. Give a special touch in your gatherings with the flavors of Italy and the charm of Ambrogio15 Enoteca.

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Guided Wine Tasting Events

Join us every other Tuesday at 5:30 PM for our themed guided Wine Tasting events. Embark on a journey through different wine regions and grape varieties of Italy, expertly paired with delectable bites. Check out our calendar:

Check out our calendar

Customize Your Experience

We believe in tailoring experiences to your preferences. At Ambrogio15 Enoteca, you have the freedom to:

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