Zucchetto Prosecco Cartizze 2021


750 bottle

Winery: Zucchetto

Brilliant and delicate when touching the senses. Slightly sweet, perfectly acidic and with exceptional balance. This “Gran Cru” bestows the dignity of the region.

Vineyard Designation: Cartizze, Valdobbiadene

Vintage: 2021

Region: Veneto

Appellation: Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze DOCG

Wine Type: Sparkling

Varietal: 100% Prosecco (Glera)

Alcohol %: 12


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Harvest Date: Hand-harvested on September 15

Aging: Long Charmat method. Aged for 5 months in stainless steel tanks and 1 month at least in bottle.

Tasting Notes: From the most prestigious cru in Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG area, Cartizze, this prosecco has aromas of citrus and pear. The palate is silky and smooth with a pleasant note of glazed almond on the aftertaste and a lingering finish. The perlage is very fine and persistent.

Vineyard Notes: Vineyard location: Cartizze, Valdobbiadene. Soil type: moraines, sandstone and clay.

Production Notes: Charmat Method fermentation. Aged for 5 months in stainless steel tanks and one month in the bottle before release.

Winemaker Notes: To improve on the standards set by our founder Paolo Zucchetto in the mid seventies we have implemented new, more recently developed technologies in our winery. As always we avoid the use of additives and extracts, and minimize the need for sulphites. In addition, in our vineyard we continue to adopt sustainable and ecological practices.

Food Pairing: The perfect conclusion of an important dinner, with desserts, from short pastries to fruit tarts and sweetened “focaccia” (flat soft bread); it’s an excellent match with mild double or triple cream cheeses, it also surprisingly pairs with shell fish, such as lobster, crab and sea scallops.

Other Notes: Cartizze is the most prestigious cru in Valdobbiadene Prosecco D.O.C.G. area, a very small surface (just about 270 acres) made of vineyards lying between the steepest hills of San Pietro di Barbozza and Santo Stefano in Valdobbiadene county. In our Cartizze vineyards, there’s a perfect combination of exposition, soil, with moraines, sandstone and clays which allows rapid drainage of rainwater, and natural protection from a dangerous hailstorm, due to an incredibly high slope of the hill. All these factors give a unique and truly sumptuous sparkling wine.

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