Molino di Rovescala Vigna del Madone – 2020


750 bottle

Winery: Molino di Rovescala

An explosion of flowery and fruity aromas accompanied by great structure and complexity!

Vineyard Designation: Oltrepo’ Pavese

Vintage: 2020

Region: Lombardia

Appellation: Malvasia dell’Oltrepo’ Pavese IGT

Wine Type: White

Varietal: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Moscato Bianco

Alcohol %: 13,5


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Aging: Refined on the lees.

Tasting Notes: This wine is an explosion of floral aromas, yellow fruit, peach and apricot, but also of mango, honey and some aromatic herbs such as sage and mint. Once poured into the glass, its straw yellow color and consistency are immediately noticeable. On the palate, it is full but also extremely fresh, which gives it drinkability and pleasantness, notes not easy to find in white wines of this structure.

Winemaker Notes: A very unique wine that comes from an old vineyard where the vines of Malvasia di Candia Aromatica (a vine present in the area but very rarely used to obtain wines of a certain caliber) are at least twenty years, and some are as old as 80 years.

Food Pairing: Pair with dishes like steamed clams with lemon and white wine, quinoa salad, Linguine with fresh tomato and arugula.



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