Cien y Pico Knight’s Errant – 2009


750 bottle

Winery: Cien y Pico

Reckless curiosity is sometimes a good thing… we bring you 100 & something reasons to believe us.

Vineyard Designation: Manchuela

Vintage: 2009

Region: Manchuela, Spain

Appellation: Manchuela DO

Wine Type: Red

Varietal: 100% Garnacha Tintorera

Alcohol %: 14

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Harvest Date: Hand-harvested in the last week of September

Aging: 85% of the wine is aged for 19 months in new Raduox barriques.

Tasting Notes: Dark and intense color. On the nose, compote of blueberries, blackberries and the finest darkest 99% Cacao chocolate. Hints of cinnamon, spice and exotic smells of fresh black pepper, and saffron! On the palate this wine is an absolute blockbuster with intense blackberry fruit, dark leather and an almost chocolate truffled pallet. The Knights-errant is too long in the mouth to describe except to say it is hauntingly long in the echoes of flavour.

Vineyard Notes: Vineyard location: Manchuela, Spain V.C.P.R.D. Vineyard: In Mahora, Dry grown, 100+year old, centurion bush vine. Soil type: Limestone rich, red, sandy Miocene era sedimentary clay. Yield: 3.3 tonnes per hectare.

Production Notes: The fermetation takes place in open vats with skin contact for 10 days. After that the 85% of the wine is left to age in new Radoux barriques for 19 months, while the rest is refined in stainless steel.

Winemaker Notes: Our ancient plantings of [Garnacha] Tintorera thrive in the organically poor but limestone rich, red, sandy Miocene era sedimentary clay between the rocky limestone outcrops that cover the vineyards. Ancient and gnarled, the free standing bush vines, grown on their own roots with just 300mm of rain a year, yield tiny but intense crops. Cien y Pico is nicknamed ‘Doble Pasta’ referring to its deep colour that occurs naturally with the variety [Garnacha] Tintorera.

Food Pairing:Pairs perfectly with pork meat and cured meats. Also great with tomato base dishes and truffles!

Other Notes: Nothing is forced at Cien y Pico, which is easy to achieve because all that you could want in the wine is delivered from there en-masse – with chivalrous breed. Cien y Pico does not require verbose explanations, marketing or the unenviable process of over-selling – it is Garnacha Tintorera vinified traditionally with some new French oak. To smell is to see and to taste it is to know.

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