Puzzone di Moena P.D.O


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Producer/Brand: Caseificio Comprensoriale di Primiero

Type: Semi-hard

Milk: Cow


Description: Twice a day, milk is sent from the Alpine pastures in the heart of the Dolomites to the dairy in Predazzo that produces Puzzone. The secret to the cheese, and its strong fragrance (“puzza” means “stink”), lies in the aging, during which each cheese is regularly treated. This is a laborious task: The storeroom holds several thousand cheeses, and every week each one must be turned and washed with a damp cloth. This continues for at least 60 days and up to six or seven months. Washing the rind with water creates an unctuous, creamy layer and encourages the bacterial fermentation responsible for the cheese’s intense, penetrating smell and distinctive brick-red rind. Robust, slightly spicy, with a slight bitter aftertaste

Ingredients: Unpasteurized Cow’s milk, salt, rennet

Specifications: Slow Food Presidium, from Trentino Alto Adige (Italy), washed rind not edible, raw milk, aging 90 days

Pairing: Gewurztraminer, Traminer, Marzemino, Teroldego

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