Produttori Etna Nord Cuore di Marchesa Bianco – 2020


750 bottle

Winery: Cuore di Marchesa

Vineyard Designation: C/da Marchesa – Solicchiata di Castiglione di Sicily

Vintage: 2020

Region: Sicily

Appellation: Etna Bianco DOC

Wine Type: White

Varietal: 70% Carricante – 30% Catarratto

Alcohol %: 12,5

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Aging: Aged in stainless steel on its fine lees for at least 1 month with frequent pump over.

Tasting Notes: This Etna Bianco takes its name from the Marchesa Contrada (district), in Solicchiata di Castiglione di Sicily. On the nose the wine is delicate with fruity, citrus and mineral aromas. Lovely acidity on the palate, with flavors of lime, herbs and a great minerality.

Vineyard Notes: The soil is volcanic in origin, of varying depths. It has a sub-acid reaction and is rich in organic substances. Soil texture is loamy-sandy, with an abundance of skeleton grains in certain areas of the vineyard.
Soils are generally fertile, well-drained and with excellent root exploration. Cover crops of leguminous and/or grass species have been grown since 2007.

Production Notes: Bunches are picked by hand and collected in crates, and macerated for 8/10 hours at approximately 7/8°C; the clean grape must is then racked. Fermentation is carried out using the wine cellar’s own indigenous yeasts, at around 15°C, for approximately 20/30 days. The resulting wine is only aged in steel, for at least 10 months; it is left on the fine lees and repeatedly pumped over. Before bottling, the total sulphur dioxide content of the wine is checked, and if necessary, topped up (adding only a few grams to ensure the product is stable, and that it can withstand stresses caused by transportation, high temperatures etc.). The temperature is then lowered to stabilize the wine before bottling.

Winemaker Notes: Carricante is an ancient white grape variety that has been cultivated on the slopes of the volcano forever, particularly at higher altitudes. Its name is derived from the Sicilyn expression “u carricanti”, emphasising the abundant yield of its plants, which can fill the ‘carri’ or wagons with grapes. It produces great whites with fine structure and longevity.

Food Pairing: Appetizers, first and second course with white meat and raw fish.

Other Notes: Total production, depending on the vintage, all numbered 2000 / 5000


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