Primosale Peperoncino


1 lb (approx)

Producer/Brand: I Siciliani

Type: Semi-hard

Milk: Sheep


Description: This cheese has a hard semi-cooked paste, obtained from whole sheep’s milk and with an ageing period of not more than 15 days. The production consists of adding milk enzymes and sheep rennet in paste to pasteurized sheep’s milk and cooled to +37°/+40° C. This promotes milk coagulation and formation of the curd. The latter is then broken up and placed in cylindrical baskets, pressed manually and sprayed with whey at 85° C. After recooking, the baskets are left to rest and turned to help drain the remaining whey. According to the type of Pecorino desired, different types of filling are added to the paste when it is placed into baskets. The resulting cheeses are then dry-salted and left to age for a couple of weeks. Primosale Peperoncino has sicilian chili pepper added, which give a spicy flavor to the cheese.

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep’s milk, rennet, chili pepper, salt.

Specifications: From Sicily (Italy), edible rind, spicy

Pairing: Prosecco

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